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    So to start I want to say how proud I am that Renas is even writing this. She’s usually very private. But I know this is going to help her get through the mental crap she is dealing with.
    As for me…: strangely it is kinda of giving me mixed emotions and feelings. So on one hand it makes me really sad. Sad because I wasn’t there for Renas at the stage she is discussing. And not by my own choice, but by her choice. Even during something so serious she put me first. I was studying so she didn’t feel like I needed to know. So it’s hard to read cuz I would have been the one right by her side. But once I found out I was on the next flight out. On the other hand I’m finally getting to really know exactly how things happened before I was aware and what she went through. Anyways I will be very blunt on here lol. Renas and anyone who knows me knows this. But so far I love it. I feel like I’m just itching to read the next chapter. Love u my sister.
    Any spelling or grammar mistakes oh well. Typing during lunch break on my phone k. Lol

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    And I cannot leave out my brother. Hannie was living w me at the time and helping me with my daughter. He is truly a strong person for being able to hold something like that in while seeing me and dealing w me and my kid daily. I know it was hard and I love u both for putting me first. I still was mad and upset when I found out but I understood why. Anyways Hannie was amazing for only kinda going crazy tryna hold that in while helping us.

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