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Word used to describe the act of #whining #excessively. (Yours truly 😏)

Guys…. I need you you to speak up. I want you to speak up, argue, cuss and unload.

This is not a censored forum but it is a respectful form, so if you say anything #shit, I’ll bin it.

Extra brownie points for anyone that makes me #laugh. I could do with a good #laugh.


This forum is not monitored 24/7.”


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      Hi loyal friends and followers. I have created a new forum about coping with pain. I think it is important to share our stories as I shared mine about the burning. It can be completely anonymous, you can use a pseudo name or a number or whatever you like. Also please know that your email address is only seen by me and no one else. It is only used to send you updates about the blog and I do not share them with anyone. I want to make it clear that this forum, as well as the others, is a safe place. Any negativity will not be tolerated and I have full authority to delete them. So please if you feel someone is being hostile to something you have posted you may contact me directly and I will remove it ASAP. But please don't let that deter you from sharing. Sharing each other's experiences can only help others who are going through something similar. Thank you!
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    • Thoughts?
      Hi guys! You can comment directly here in the forum, also creating your own topics. Or after each post. I'm loving the feedback. Thanks!
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