Renas Sidahmed’s #JustGiving-Page!!!

I am beating cancer’s ass!!! for Stand Up to Cancer in collaboration with Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 because I’ve been in remission for over 1 year! Help me reach my goal of £500.00!

We all deserve to receive decent and adequate healthcare. Not many are as fortunate. Furthermore cancer is spreading like the plague and we need to put a stop to this now! Please join me in the fight against cancer!

Thank you all for your continuous support. Any little bit will go a long way. (to donate)


November 9, 2016

Hey Renas,

You’re off to an awesome start, with £50.00* in the bag we can see you’re serious about showing cancer what you’re made of. Thank you! Your fundraising really will help us make such a huge difference by funding lifesaving translational research.

Did you know that £50 buys over 600 special plastic dishes that let our SU2C-supported cancer scientists follow a cancer cells’ every move? This means they can find out how cancer cells evade treatment, discovering new ways to stop them in their tracks.

Now it’s time we raise the bar, keep fundraising and do whatever it takes to keep the donations coming in, to really hit cancer where it hurts.

Keep fundraising, cancer hating hero.

The Stand Up To Cancer team 

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