#Less Money, Mo’ Problems: Mar. 16 – Mar. 22, 2015


Have 335 left on the card

Didn’t sleep well. #Anxious. Pulled a muscle in my neck. Go figure… Oh well here we go. #Bone marrow biopsy #2 day.

Yay me!

1.5 hours later and 8 mg of #sedative medication and nothing.

They are going to book an ER and give me full #anesthesia….

Will happen sometime later today…

#Waiting, waiting, waiting. In the meantime trying to get this TV working and I’m #dehydrated and starving to death….

Almost 3pm and still waiting be drugged and drilled. Spotting a little and #cramping. Not a good sign or anything that I need right now. May stay the night in hospital.

TR (travel report) extended to 25 March with per diem advance retroactive to March 8. Total of 18 days.

Butternut squash soup and a glass of wine to end the day.

Something #happened to me today. Maybe it was the #insane amount of drugs pumped into my system. Who knows. Maybe it’s the news of knowing I won’t be working for a while that makes me think that I would rather withstand all this bullshit than the unbearable amount of boredom that is coming my way. But I’m tired of being tired. I need to DO something! I’m ready to dance again. Move again. Live… Again. I’m even eating with gusto. Who knew that hospital food would make me do that? Actually I think it was the burger that I had yesterday. I feel… Ok for once. #Actually ok. Whatever ok feels like it feels good. Soon enough I should be able to figure out what ok is for me. And today it’s butternut squash soup and a glass of wine with the anticipation of taking a dance class tomorrow and getting up early. Today I am ok. 🙂



Today I am not ok. Slept like #shit. Kept waking up. Spotting more since yesterday. Cramping. Need to go get pads. FML. Not sure if it’s a period or the endo or stress or whatever the fuck. Dammit! Don’t need this now! #Metformin (inslulin resistance medication given to women with #PCOS) side effects?

Have 335 left on the card.

Going to get breakfast and then Tesco.

Got appointment for Ms. Davies for this evening.

No more Metformin!!!! Yay!

295 left on card.

Went to dinner.



238 left on card.

Spotting heavily but looks like old blood. Very dark and clotty. Cramping, tired and weak.

Had breakfast and waiting for car to transfer hotels

Heavy bleeding headed to Boots for supplies.

Complained about car from yesterday.

140 left on card

Need to get ALL my medical records from 1999… FML

Moved money around so now have 460 on my credit card.

Haven’t posted in a few days. Not in the mood.

On a train to go play bingo…

Tomorrow I will start my dance classes then Friday night will have fun. 🙂

It was ok…



Have 400 left on credit card – now have 370 left (need to keep 150 for Friday) so only 120 for food until I get my bankcard.

Maybe use debit for clothes? Spent 33 – another 30 on leotard???

Bought dance clothes. Excited to go take a class even with the shitty weather. Yay me!

Get cash 100 pounds.

Took a contemporary class. The music was about being on a #journey. How fitting…



Weather is shitty but off to class again. Brunch then class then shopping for tonight 🙂

Slept like shit. Off and on… Ugh!

Still spotting heavily but then stopped after class

Took an advanced ballet class. Who knew I still had it in me. 🙂 Muscle memory and will

Went out with Hannie, Coo, Zoe and Ed. Got dressed up 🙂

#Was fun.



#Spotting seems to have stopped.

200 left on card.

Staying in today. Need a break. Tired and my body is sore from class. Hibernation mode.

Zoe wants a ‘session.’ (Bless her heart. She saw how unemotional I was and was worried that one day I was going to break and it would be bad. She kept asking me to try. She was right I needed to, but I could not.) I’ll do it. Will need to but just not yet. Will wait til after I get my official diagnosis.

Watching Sherlock Holmes.



Took another dance class.

Stayed out and enjoyed the day. Got drunk on Martini’s. Was nervous about the 3rd biopsy.


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