#Damn-the-Man: Mar. 3 – Mar. 8, 2015

This particular period was very taxing during my whole process with #lymphoma, both physically and mentally. I had to keep it together, keep my eye on the ball. It was about survival.



Returned from UK and Hannie arrived 🙂

Waiting at the airport. Had a regular coffee and now my heart is #pounding.

Going to take a #klonipin. Should go see my #therapist on Thursday. Need to call cleaners? Or maybe just ask Hannie?

Multiple conversations with insurance.

Still 0. No one knows anything…

Index cost to the highest cost in Europe



Went to brunch and ran errands. Was a beautiful day.

Came home and was on the phone for over 6 hours with insurance, doctors in London, and MD Anderson.

No consensus yet. Insurance people are being #assholes so applied for a secondary insurance. Will know more tomorrow.

#Can’t #sleep. Took an #oxy and #klonipin but nothing… #Anxious I guess.

Tired of talking.



Again on the phone all day.

#Incompetent American Hospital didn’t even get my sample request.

Had to have it expedited.

Sent a message to managers etc. about my situation and got #medical #evacuation approved!!!

Yes! London here I come.

Next stop US?



Hospital info and flight details. Check.

Booked tickets and ready to go.

So #exhausted. Going to take a #much needed #nap.

Got my sample!!!!



Going to brunch with Zina.

Then getting hair done and shopping.

Hannie has #attitude but what’s new. My whole family has attitude and it’s always about them. Everyone thinks he’s doing an outstanding job but all I seem to get is #criticism and #attitude. No help cleaning, no cooking, but then complains if I don’t eat or sleep enough. [Sorry about this one Hannie, but you know I was feeling during that time.]

#Pain in my leg beneath #surgery area for 3 days now.

#Pain in abdomen is still there.

Left side #lymph node getting bigger.

More and more tired. #Loss of appetite.

Doing laundry and need to pack. Ugh! Early rise. Car will be here at 7am….



Happy Fucking Women’s day to me.

On the plane to London. Want a stiff drink and a nap as soon as I get to the hotel.

Happy to be in UK. I need to be around other people. Getting cabin fever already.

Need to email my therapist or plan a Skype session. Now I’m going crazy.

Been trying to tell TT, may have to send an email but don’t want to…

Nicole has disappeared. I know she’s more upset about the cancer than I am because of her own past experience with it. Need to send her a message.

On the plane with a bunch of kids, which I will never have.

Gave some gum to a little girl to help with her blocked ears.

Expecting turbulence. Not as afraid as I used to be.

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