#Tests-and-Time-Outs: Feb. 18 – Feb. 25, 2016

So I finally got the call from the #surgeon. I was told to come to the hospital at 12pm on the 18th to meet with the #oncologist and he would talk to me about the #biopsy results. Keep in mind that during this period I didn’t know my head from my ass. I was #distracted, #anxious, #paranoid, had black out moments. I was #terrified. I knew deep down that something was terribly wrong but I was tired of waiting. I needed to know something! The day of reckoning had arrived. I felt as if I was heading to court to be given my sentence which was either going to be the death penalty or life in prison. I did not know which was worse…



Stressed. Black out moments. Headed to hospital now. Zina is with me. We are both terrified. The oncologist makes us wait a bit.

Follicular Lymphoma. Huh? Follicular what? There is no cure but good prognosis.

Scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy immediately. It was done to me without sedation. Possibly the worst pain in my life.

Ass hurts like hell and have a huge hole.



Doing a PET scan.

Another full day at the hospital.



Left for Rome. I can’t be here twiddling my thumbs. I’m going crazy.

Spent time with Simo.



Went to Cookie’s house. Spent time with Alessandra and Bianca. Also did a little bit of dance. Alessandra mi ha fatto l’ascolto (translation – it’s a process where one feels areas where there are issues and can sense the gravity of them) and felt something off with my uterus….



Spent more time with Alessandra.

Zero energy.

Went to Eataly.



Coo arrived in Rome. Shopped. Aperitivo at Eataly and dinner at home.



On the plane going back to Turkey. Still have pain around the excision area.

Sad to go back. Anxious about tomorrow’s results. FGD avid???

Overall still very tired all the time. Can fall asleep anywhere. What to do with work???

Will need to call quite a few people tomorrow.



Stage 1A!!!!! Localized. Amazing news. It’s my second chance.

3/2 will see a doctor in London for a second opinion.

Then surgery to remove 3 nodes on left side. 2 weeks recovery.

Then 2 weeks radiation. 20-25% chance it will work.

If not oh well. Check-ups every 3 months and life goes on.

Maybe will try the cell regeneration therapy to boost my immune system.

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