Dear readers,

Before posting my diary entries I wanted to say a few words:

These are only my thoughts and words. Not those of anyone else. Writing these entries proved to be very #therapeutic. They helped me express myself when I had no one to talk to. When I had no one that would listen. When I was at my lowest and could not bring myself to talk to anyone. It is my outlet, my sense of comfort, it is just me. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I was going to apologize in advance for offending anyone, but I cannot apologize for how I was feeling through such an #intense, #emotional, #physically-taxing, verge of having a #nervous-breakdown, #shit time, not knowing what was going on, thinking of the worst, not being able to tell anyone because I was not even sure what the hell was going on. These #diary-entries represent the Renas of the past two years and I cannot change who I am, who I was, or who I am while still dealing with #cancerrecovery. #Cancersucks. Any #chronicillness #sucks. I am working through it just like anyone else. But we are all different. I ask that you just hear me out. Do not pity me or feel sorry. Share my story. React to it. Ask me questions. This is just as much for all you of you out there as it is first and foremost, for me.

#You are stronger than you know. – R.S.

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