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  • New Years

    I have seen some of you poking about my FB page… I have been asked when am I going to post again. Yes I have been away for a while but for good reason. I do apologize for the delay my fellow fans and avid readers.  It has been two years since I looked down on New Year’s Day 2015 only to discover that I had a tumour growing out of the right side of my groin.  It has been two years since I ever imagined that I was going to be in […]

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  • #xxx

    Dear xxx Thank you for holding me accountable for events that have never transpired. Thank you for brining me followers and for following me. If you have ever felt threatened or defamed by me I truly apologize however I can only apologize for that which I have done intentionally. I don’t know you xxx so all […]

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  • #Be-Fearless-Be-You

    I don’t like to talk politics on social media however, I will make an exception. As an American citizen and diligent taxpayer, a Muslim, a child of immigrants; but more importantly an intelligent, educated, open-minded, thought-provoking, sarcastic, minority female; I would like to express my thoughts. I vote. I have voted every election. Therefore, I […]

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  • RIP Antidepressants 

    RIP Antidepressants I’ve now been off of all my meds for about a week. As you know I stopped taking the anti anxiety medication and now I’ve also stopped my antidepressants. The thought of being off them is daunting to say the least. When I was on them, all I wanted was to get off […]

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  • 35 Years Strong 

    Every time we celebrate a so called “milestone” birthday it comes with a series of expectations. We are supposed to feel different somehow. Precisely why I decided to wait for a bit after my 35th to post. Do I feel different? Honestly not at all. Have things been different? Of course. Life changes everyday not […]

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  • I Will Not Be Kept

    I’m sure some of you may wondering what actually happened to me 3 weeks ago that left me single, homeless, and unemployed. Well it was a series of events. It wasn’t just one thing they went wrong or many. It was complicated.We all go through things in life from which we can learn from. I […]